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 What characters do you hate?

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What characters do you hate? Empty
PostSubject: What characters do you hate?   What characters do you hate? EmptySun Jul 03, 2011 2:54 am

The hot chick who is apparently ugly because she wears glasses and a tight ponytail ... the uptight British guy ... the woman who wraps men around her finger and expects us to view this manipulative evil as a positive trait (I could go on and on about that one, and maybe I will) ... or something as simple as the hideously unnecessary comedy sidekick.

Evil or Very Mad

What character types do you find most annoying and what's the worst use of a stock character you can think of? Bitch about your most hated characters here.
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Caley Powell

Caley Powell

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What characters do you hate? Empty
PostSubject: The chracters I hate....that turns into a rant about Transformers!   What characters do you hate? EmptySun Jul 10, 2011 4:02 am

As I am a woman who wears glasses I have always been really annoyed by the films that depict a girl who is ugly and can't get a guy or be the best person she can be till she looks beautiful, and how do you do that!?! By whipping off the glasses! Sigh!

These characters really, really annoy me and I am glad that it doesnt seem to be the case that much any more- I cant think of any recent examples anyway.

Mostly the characters I hate are the vacant yet beautiful female who is just there to run around screaming and make the main male look great with people commenting : 'Oh my god this girl is your girlfriend- your so cool!' - prime example of this is Transformers (1,2 or 3 take your pick my point still stands). I hate Michael Bay as many of the people who know me knows, he makes my blood boil as his films contain, and this point is most true in Transformers, these vacuous, badly written characters that he has cast talentless, vacuous yet beautiful people just to make Shi(t!)a LeBeouf (still a very badly written, vacuous character performed by a talentless actor) seem more awesome. The Transformers films are a casting directors worst nightmare, if I got a script through with characters as bad as these I'd use it for toilet paper!, as any money that should be spend on making the script perfect so that the plot makes sense and the characters are not one dimensional travesties is spent on making things explode cause thats what makes a film great isn't Michael! You absolute arse! Why are people giving him money, why are people still seeing Transformers, why is Michael Bay still getting his ego fed by people- he needs to know he isnt as great as he thinks he is, I am fed up of seeing him in pictures looking like a smug git, a cat whose got the cream- he does not deserve success! Argh!!!

Ok- now I have got that out of the way, I will go back to my point about Transformers bad characterisation, mostly with the female characters. To prove my point I once asked one of Kristians friends, a Transforers fan, what Magan Fox's character was called....and he couldnt answer me, I bet he could have drawn an accurate drawing of her arse as you see it in close up so much and name every skimpy outfit she was in and which one he liked the best but what was her name, where was her character arc, where was the talented actress who can do more than pout in her place?...sigh!

The same goes with Megan's replacement, the underwear model Rosie....see this is where my hatred of Michael Bay intensifies, there are thousand of young talented actresses who could have played her part who have more than one facial expres​sion(again a pout, like Megan) and could have had a well rounded character and brought something to the role but I have read the reviews of the film and it enfuriates me to read that people are liking this film, even though Rosie's performance is terrible because she is hot so its still a great film- seriously!! I just dont understand why people dont want more out of their films, I can't engage or enjoy a film without clear characters performend by actors I like, in a story I can follow and makes sense that doesn't have trillions of continuity mistakes and if it has some action then its chracter driven not just to show off how great Michael Bay's skill of directing action is- I mean whats the point of putting your characters in danger if we don't care if they live or die?!

I wnet to the cinema Wednesday and passed the screen for Transformers, I hate to bitch and moan about a film if I haven't seen a second of it and it annoys me when people do so I went in to the screen for about 10 minutes and was instantly filled with that feeling I had after watching the first film 'I am neve going to get this time back!' (I would have left Transformers 1 buyt I was visiting a uni friend in Manchester so couldnt ;eave the cinema as I would have gotten lost! I was left to just stare at the tiles on the ceiling and hope it would be over soon.....)

I saw the conclusion of the film and to bring it back to my point saw 10 minutesof the film and saw Rosie twice, once standing in the background while a old man robot dropped things which I think was supposed to be a funny moment and again running with Shia from the bad twisty robot thing (again I can't remember Shia's characters name either, actually I can't remember anybodies name in it apart from Optimus Prime) - I have been told that when you first see Rosie in Transformers 3 that its another close up of her in a tight dress....sigh!

Transformers is not the only film to have these characters in but for me it is a prime example of terribly written, directed, filmed and acted female characters and also a prime example of everything that is wrong with film and film audiences as Transformers will continue to make money and get good reviews (cause its better than the second one- so its brilliant!- sigh again!)

That is all I have to say- comment below if you agree or diagree with me.....
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What characters do you hate?
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