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A place for open and honest discussion from those of us just starting our careers in the film industry. There are no taboo subjects and there are no stupid questions, this is the place for all of us who are still learning.
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 Write the feemtune, sing the feemtune! aka the band competition.

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Caley Powell

Caley Powell

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Write the feemtune, sing the feemtune! aka the band competition.  Empty
PostSubject: Write the feemtune, sing the feemtune! aka the band competition.    Write the feemtune, sing the feemtune! aka the band competition.  EmptyFri Jan 06, 2012 5:50 am

This is my first forum post for 2012! (can I hear a whoop whoop?! .....a little louder, yep that's perfect thanks!

Right, well on with business!

New Band? Want exposure? Want the chance to get a free music video and have your song as a theme tune, well then read on!

Flitter Films is currently in pre-production on a comedy webseries entitled 'Eaten By The Wolves', it is about four 20 somethings house mates all in that awkward period of life where they are no longer children but don't feel like adults. The webseries is being filmed in Flitwick, Bedfordshire in February 2012 and is to be streamed onto our Youtube channel every other week.

What we want is for the webseries to have an amazing soundtrack and an awesome opening credits, kind of in the mould of 'How I met Your Mother' opening titles to be filmed in a house party with the main cast and a lot of extras.

We would like to offer the opportunity of having your song as the theme tune and also supplying songs for the episodes. It will get a lot of exposure as it will be on the opening titles of every episode of the webseries, with currently more than 20 episodes planned and the webseries will be streamed onto our ever growing Youtube channel and our website that has nearly 15,000 hits! Also, the best bit! We will make the band a music video for free, as clips from the video will make up the opening titles, that you will be able to put wherever you like and we will also put up on Youtube, the website, Facebook e.t.c so you will get a lot of exposure for free!

If you are interested then please get in touch on office@flitterfilms.co.uk - Subject matter: Band competition - with a link to your website, Youtube or Myspace, or Facebook and we will be in touch.

Deadline is 1st February.

Look forward to hearing all your music!

Check us out www.flitterfilms.co.uk/ (our previous music video is on the main page)

geek Caley Powell
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http://www.flitterfilms.co.uk, www.caleypowellcasting.co.uk
Write the feemtune, sing the feemtune! aka the band competition.
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