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 Blog 8: What the Hell Happened?

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PostSubject: Blog 8: What the Hell Happened?   Wed Mar 07, 2012 11:02 pm

Okay, so last week there was no blog and this week we're two days late. So as the title says, what the hell happened?

As you may be aware we started filming last Monday (Feb 13th) for'Eaten By The Wolves'and filmed fairly solidly all of that week, than after the weekend we finally filmed the final part of'Donald Newman - Underachiever (also saviour of the universe)'which is in fact the first part of that show.

The intention had been to post a blog about shooting on the Wednesday night but every day of shooting was overrunning and by the time we finished there was just enough time to stuff dinner into our faces and collapse in an exhausted heap.


afro Kristian
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Blog 8: What the Hell Happened?
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