A place for open and honest discussion from those of us just starting our careers in the film industry. There are no taboo subjects and there are no stupid questions, this is the place for all of us who are still learning.
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Caley Powell


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PostSubject: Thanks for joining   Fri Jul 22, 2011 5:42 am

Hi all,

Thanks for joining the forum, any feedback is appreactiated. I hope you all find it easy to use and get the most out of it.

In the forum is my own section 'Caley P Casting' where you can recommend your plays and they will go into my calender, as well as start debates or post your views on topics I have been writing about.

The forum is still in its early stages and we want to get as many people as possible chatting away on the forum and I am planning on bringing in agents onto the forum (I see one has already joined up) too as well as producers, writers and directors e.t.c and would love for you to spread the word to make the forum a success.

As Kristian has said I am not just casting for 'Flitter Films' but I am a currently getting jobs locked down before posting roles on here but soon my Caley Powell Casting section will be bursting with jobs for all 'Flitter Films' projects as well as my own. Of course we will not just be posting them here, they will go up on Spotlight, CCP, CastNet, The Casting Website, my Caley P Casting Facebook page but I will be putting the adverts up on here first, especially with 'Flitter Film' projects.

Once again, lovely to have you all sign up, get chatting with each other and commenting on posts and starting your own ones. This isn't just about 'Flitter Films' this is about getting a group of people together from all levels and getting them chatting, debating and working together.

Kind Regards

geek Caley Powell
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Thanks for joining
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