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 Producers wanted!

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Caley Powell


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PostSubject: Producers wanted!   Tue Jul 12, 2011 2:26 am

I am currently co-producing a feature entitled 'Tenderness' (synopsis below) with Robert Reina directing (so this is not a Flitter Films project)

We are looking for someone to come onboard as a producer and help us get the funding onboard, if you have previosuly produced a project that has won an award or gained notoriety then we would like to hear from you. The film's budget is 150k but we are hoping to raise it once casting starts by getting in well known actors.

Danny is a shy nineteen year-old, studying art at university. Over the summer holidays, he finds work as a temp in a small photocopying company. There he reports to Amy, the thirty year old marketing manager.

Essentially stuck in a dead-end job, in a dead-end suburb, she is drawn to Danny’s diffidence. Slowly and tentatively, a friendship develops; stolen moments in the office, lunches in the park, bus rides home. Each time, Danny grows more and more confident.

After the annual office party, Amy takes Danny back to her flat and seduces him. Due to Danny’s inexperience and Amy’s lack of practice, the physical encounter between them is awkward and clumsy. She accidentally draws blood from Danny during foreplay, and the night is abandoned in embarrassment. It soon becomes apparent that Danny is a self-harmer and the blood drawn during foreplay was merely an old wound freshly opened.

An uneasy passage follows in which Amy all but ignores Danny. Only after an unpleasant experience with Brett, her boss and former lover, does she go back to him. One night after work, she takes him into Brett’s office and successfully seduces him.

From here things start to move quickly with sexual encounters whenever and wherever they can: in the office toilets, in Amy’s flat, but more and more often in Danny’s student house - empty but for him over the summer. They make one of the rooms in the house their own; it belongs to Alexandra, the object of Danny’s true affections and obsessive love. Through forcing Danny to describe his desire for Alex and explain his inability to ask the girl out, Amy begins to understand the reason for his need to self-harm.

But Amy’s cool, detached manner belies another struggle; that of a young woman still coming to terms with the death of her mother and now having to visit her terminally ill father in hospital, without the support of family or friends.

Desperate for the distraction their relationship brings, they push each other further and further as the mood darkens with the intensity.

Finally, Danny pulls away, exhausted and numb. A period of calmness ensues and for the first time, the need to cut himself subsides while Amy withdraws back into her previous routine. They are destined to part – though not before one final act of tenderness.

If you are interested then email me on caleypowellcasting@yahoo.co.uk and those successful will meet with me and Robert in a few weeks.

Kind Regards.

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Producers wanted!
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