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 Cutting Corners

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PostSubject: Cutting Corners   Sat Jun 25, 2011 9:20 pm

Anyone who has been making a film (or whatever) with no money left in the biscuit tin is aware of the concept of cutting corners. Sometimes this can actually work out in the projects favour "If..." was famously praised for it's artistic vision of cutting to black and white halfway through even though the reality was that they ran out of colour film and couldn't afford any more.

The point is that compromises have to be made and I'm interested in hearing peoples stories. On the Flitter Films website you can see the first short film I ever made 'The Artefact' which was one cut corner after the other. The actor playing The Blind Man didn't show up on the day so the cameraman ended up playing the part.

The scene in the gym was supposed to (by which I mean it said in the script) finish with the two hard men torturing Steven by dunking him in the fish tank they stole from him. This, however, was too complex a set up so the clothes peg concept was brought in at the last minute and I think adds a great comedy element to the scene.

If you've got a good corning cutting story then I'd love to hear it ...
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Cutting Corners
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