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 So what is it ... ?

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PostSubject: So what is it ... ?   Fri Jun 24, 2011 8:43 am

For the unaware 'The Last Week Of My Life' is the title of the feature we are currently working towards.


Tommy "Slick" Jackson is a professional thief who, approaching thirty, has started to question the choices he's made in life. Unfortunately for him things are about to take a turn for the worst as he awakens quite suddenly in a bruised and battered heap in a dingy basement with nothing but a gun, a vague recollection of the last job he was sent on, and a dead body on the floor next to him to keep him company.

Slick has taken a nasty blow to the head, a gunshot to the leg and doesn't seem to remember how or why. Perhaps more importantly he has no idea who on Earth he can hear moving around in the building above him, and with nothing between him and them but a locked door to which he has the key can he risk finding out?

As he becomes weaker and begins to halucinate, reality and memory, some true some false, start to blur together. Our disoriented and increasingly dillusional hero must battle his own memories of the last seven days to try and stay one step ahead of whoever has done this to him and escape the house before it's too late.

Source - Website http://www.flitterfilms.co.uk/The-Last-Week-Of-My-Life.html

General info on the film will be posted in this thread.
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So what is it ... ?
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