A place for open and honest discussion from those of us just starting our careers in the film industry. There are no taboo subjects and there are no stupid questions, this is the place for all of us who are still learning.
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 Admin Rules

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PostSubject: Admin Rules   Wed Jun 22, 2011 10:54 pm

There is a more detailed outline of rules in the terms and conditions for this site and this is either an addition or clarification of those fairly standard rules. If you are unsure of any aspect we advise you check if it is covered here. If it is not then feel free to contact the admin account with your enquiry:

1) Don't Be Afraid To Admit You Don't Know Something

Might seem less relevant than rules on swearing and advertising but making this number one because we've all been there, too afraid of looking stupid to ask a question we really need answering. There's no shame in being at the bottom of the food chain working your way up and you'll never work your way up if you don't ask what needs to be asked. Never be worried about looking stupid just because you don't know something, we want this forum to be a place for new emerging filmmakers/writers/actors or whoever to chat openly, learn from each other and maybe make contacts.

2) This Is Not A Job Board

We would hope that this forum is a place for likeminded individuals to meet and if working relationships are built up from that then great, but don't take the piss. Flitter Films and Caley Powell Casting will advertise here for crew and actors but it's our forum, we can do that, this is not a place for you to pick up free crew. As stated if you meet people on here you want to work with and maybe even staff an entire film project from contacts made on this forum then that is fine, but you cannot directly advertise for cast and crew via this forum. Any such posts will be deleted and the member will be cautioned, potentially leading to being banned if there are repeated infringements. This ruling applies to all work not related to Flitter Films or it's associates, obviously if you are working with Flitter Films or Caley Powell Casting in some capacity on your project then we are happy to advertise it here. Exceptions may be made for those well know to Flitter Films and who have worked with us in the past.

2a) ... However ...

You will notice there is a "Need Help ..." section on the forum listings. To reiterate what is written there, if you have one or two places that need filling due to somebody pulling out or any other circumstance that leaves you in a tight spot then this is the place to post it. These posts will be judged individually so do not kick up a fuss if yours gets removed but I promise we will not do so unjustly. If you are looking for something specific I would suggest that your first step is to check the members group lists and contact somebody directly with your enquiry.

3) Obscenities

Having already sworn once so far in this posting it should be obvious we are not worried about foul language but some people will be so all we ask is you be respectful. We will not ban somebody simply for swearing unless there are repeated complaints from other members.

4) Criticism

This is a creative outlet, many of us wishing to advertise our works and as such it is probable that there will be some criticism. Having been on forums before where criticism is instantly deleted and the critics easily banned I have to say that approach is extremely irritating and more than a little pathetic. If you display your work here then please be prepared for criticism and do not come to us complaining just because somebody doesn't like you. Of course, in line with the obscenity ruling above, criticism must be constructive and complaints about unnecessarily rude or mean comments posted about members work will be taken seriously. If you don't like somebodies work keep it to yourself or try to help them understand where you think it went wrong. We might not like criticism but it is a filtering process we must all go through to produce the best work we can.

5) Privacy & Copyright

Flitter Films holds no rights over any work posted on this forum aside from it's own, this is a free and open forum, however, all work posted is at the members own risk and we cannot be held responsible for anything that happens after that. As stated this is a free and open forum and as such anybody and everybody may enter and read anything that is posted within. We suggest you make sure you have copyright on your work for safety and do not discuss anything you wish to keep private (i.e. writing ideas). In additional if you are working on something and you are not sure whether or not you are allowed to discuss it then our advice is that you do not talk about it until you have found out from whoever holds the legal rights to the project.

Additional rulings may be added to this discussion topic if we repeatedly recieve the same kind of questions from our members so please keep an eye out. Anything extremely important will be announced via email to all members.

Thank you for reading.
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Admin Rules
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